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Welcome to the Sale/Order Department of the Lin Institute
(updated: March  24th, 2012)

Payment Methods for "manual" processing:
(1). Mail-in or Fax-in  Credit or Debt Card Order - Complete the credit/debt card information and its billing information before submitting the order without credit card information (you have to select "Check" Payment and print out your order form,  and then send or FAX it with your credit card number/expiration date/security code (Click here for an example)   to 888-826-8398.
(2). Use your PayPal account at  to send your payment to after you submit your order. Please make sure you send the correct payment for your order.
(3) For other payment methods, please contact us with e-mail to after submitting your orders. In fact, we will e-mail you other payment options after receiving your non-prepaid order.

Please read the following notes before placing the order -

1. For international shipping outside the USA, you must agree with the product re-labeling and duty taxation statements in this link - Also, you may have to pay the custom duty tax and importation processing fees to your government. Please note we don't collect any tax for any governments except the State of Florida and Palm Beach County if you shipping address is in Florida.
2. For the HealthClub member's discount policy updated, please read this link - .
3.a.  Special Warning for Finasteride, 5-alpha reductase inhibitor users is given in  ).
3.b. If you want to order our products for a man whose testosterone and DHT level are below 350 ng/dl and 30 ng/dl, respectively, you have to realize there is a 20% or higher chance for our products not to work properly  since our products cannot revive a failed (dead) testicular function for men. We suggest the individual to have a blood test for the pituitary hormones LH/FSH/prolactin/oxytocin, androgen hormones DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone/DHT, and estrogen first, and then submit the result to Dr. Lin for a free evaluation.  
4. Shipping:
*For express shipping, the order must be received by 3:00PM EST (or 1:00PM MDT) during weekdays (Monday-Friday, except holidays).  But, there is no domestic Over-Night Express for Sunday, Saturday and Holiday delivery unless you pay extra fee.
*The order received during weekend or after 3:00PM EST (or 1:00PM MDT) of Friday will be shipped in the Saturday morning (by US Postal Express only) or on Monday. 
*In some remote areas where the USPS, FedEx or UPS's next-day (over-night) express service may not be available, the fastest delivery service will take 2 business days (for US only.)  We reserve the right to downgrade the shipping service to the US Postal Express and adjust your payment for less shipping cost accordingly. And you will get an e-mail notice from us about the change.
*For international express shipping, the official mail carrier is the US Postal Express, offering about 4-7 business days for delivery if there is no custom delay.
*If you mistakenly select the US domestic shipping, we correct it and adjust the total accordingly. If it is not correctable,
the purchase order and invoice will be voided( for most of cases), and re-submission of the order with a correct shipping will be required.
*Hurricane Shipping Delay: During June-November, it is a hurricane season for Florida. Hurricane causes our shipping delay. Please check  for tropical storms and hurricanes.
5. The Florida Department of Revenue requires us to collect a 6.5% sale tax 
(of which 6% is for the State of Florida and 0.5% for the Palm Beach County)
if your shipping address is within the State of Florida. 
6. We will correct any calculation errors when we process this order.
The total payment will be shown on an e-mail receipt with an assigned order number.  We can correct/finalize the payment according to your special shipping request, add-on items or any discount offer.  If the Payment is to be adjusted,  we will e-mail you the actual payment. If the adjusted payment is more than the transaction you submitted, we will have to get an  e-mail confirmation from you and request you to e-mail your credit card's Card Code (The 3 digits in the right of your Card Number on the back of your card, Click here for samples )  over, so that we can reprocess your order manually.
7. This order is assumed to be an authorization for transaction. However,
if you are not the credit card holder or the credit card's billing address or card code is mismatched, we will request the credit card holder to FAX his or her signature authorization with a copy of the back of the credit card over to our fax number 561-482-1577, so that we can finalize the transaction. 
Our shipping rule is to ship your order to the credit card holder if you are 
a first-time customer, unless the credit card holder authorizes the shipping 
to the third party.

Thank you for your business! And Have a Nice Date!